Who Is Your Lobbyist?

When you feel that everyone's freedom is most important, we are your best and most effective ally

Liberty Alliance is an association of individualist thinkers, regular people who are allied to promote the broadest and most important cause that lawmakers grapple with:  Liberty.  Ours is a constant voice, exclusively within the legislative process, for true Liberty principles.

We’re at the crossroads of faith & government,
where nobody stands better than us for the separation of church and state.

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Who's Really Representing You at the Statehouse?

● You’re an individual who doesn’t like to judge others.
● Without exception, government lawmakers pass judgment on people with every vote they cast on every issue.
● To persuade them to pass judgment, Causes will hire lobbyists, Companies will hire lobbyists and – if they have more than ample funds to spare – so do some individuals.
● Where is the Cause that broadly lobbies to oppose this judgmental hamster wheel?  Who could afford to fund it?


...The fresh Cause is LIBERTY ALLIANCE and

the membership price is right for YOU !

So, Who is Your Lobbyist?

Liberty Alliance has made it affordable for you. We think you’ll agree that ours
                                   is the best way to promote Liberty and the surest way to separate church and state.

Let us be Your Kansas Statehouse advocate for Liberty

We’re your effective and affordable way for real defense of the Liberty that’s dear to you.

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